Top 10 Best 144 Hz Monitor PS4: Buyer Guide & Review

Gaming displays are significantly more varied and unique than conventional monitors and televisions.

144 Hz Monitor PS4 Monitors are frequently explicitly designed for gaming and have a small footprint.

TVs and other standard displays may also be used for gaming. So, if you really want to improve the gameplay experience, investing in a gaming monitor is a good choice.

Gaming monitors and consoles come in a variety of designs and refresh rates. A gaming display with a refresh rate of 144Hz is the best.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking for the best 144 Hz Monitor PS4. Continue reading to learn more about the 144 Hz Monitor PS4.

Consider the Following When Purchasing the Best 144 Hz Monitor PS4:

Following your decision to purchase a separate console and display for gaming reasons, the next major chore is determining which monitor is worth your time and money.

As previously said, 144Hz displays are very popular these days.

A 144Hz display can refresh 144 images in one second, which is twice as fast as a standard monitor.

In basic terms, a 144Hz display smoothies out pictures and is the finest panel to use with a PS4 or any gaming console.

It might be difficult to choose the finest monitor for yourself because there are so many alternatives on the market. We’ve taken care of the difficult part. 

We’ve compiled a list of all the factors to consider when purchasing the best 144Hz Monitor for PS4 after conducting extensive research and spending several hours gaming.

Immersive Or Competitive:

The first thing to consider when purchasing a new console gaming display is whether you want it to be immersive or competitive

What we mean is that you should ask yourself this question: do you want visual immersion, or are you more concerned with the responsiveness of the panel?

This is the most important question you should ask yourself since the answer will define what features you desire in your 144Hz monitor.

Here are a few features to keep an eye out for, regardless of whether you prefer immersive or competitive gaming.


  • The screen resolution is 4K.
  • The color gamut is broad.
  • Screen size of 32 inches or more is required.
  • IPS technology
  • Response time is quick


  • Increased Refresh Rate
  • Quick Reaction Time
  • Lagging is minimal.

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The resolution of the gaming display is the next significant consideration.

When it comes to gaming displays, the resolution is the final item to consider if you’re using one of the older basic versions of previous-generation consoles.

Since most PS4 games allow a maximum resolution of 1080p, this is the case.

On the other hand, if you’re a user of mid-generation updates or have access to next-generation consoles, such as the PS5, and want to play 4K games, a 4K panel is the way to go.


You’ve probably noticed the HDR option on your smartphone, but have you ever wondered what it’s for?

The simplest way to grasp this is to first grasp Dynamic Range and then go on to High Dynamic Range.

The dynamic range of an image is defined as the difference among the brightest and darkest areas of the same image.

High Dynamic Range is a technique for improving image quality so that it seems more realistic.

This also improves and details the dark areas of the image significantly. HDR monitors bring out the dark hues more vividly and clearly.

This gives competitive gamers an advantage because they will be able to detect darker places much better.

IPS vs. TN Panel Type

The panel type is the next consideration to make when purchasing a 144Hz Monitor for PS4.

IPS and TN are the two most common and well-known panel types, especially when it comes to gaming consoles.

When it comes to color reproduction, IPS screens are second to none.

The color reproduction of the IPS panels is significantly superior to that of a typical HDTV, however it is not as sophisticated as the full HDR-10 standard.

When it comes to monitors, it’s the ideal viewing experience, especially when expanded viewing angles are taken into account.

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Best 144Hz Monitor For PS4:

You should understand what a 144Hz display is and what factors influence your monitor selection.

Now is the time to present our favorite selections for the PS4 144Hz display

LG 27 Inch Ultragear IPS 144Hz Monitor For PS4:


  • 27-inch screen
  • 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution
  • 144 Hz is the maximum refresh rate.
  • IPS (In-Plane Switching)

The LG UltraGear 27GL850-B monitor is a decent 1440p display. This gaming display has a reaction time that is far faster than the majority of 144Hz monitors on the market.

The remarkable reaction speed of the LG 27 Inch Ultra gear QHD Nano IPS Monitor results in superb apparent motion in every setting, with virtually no blur underneath fast-moving objects.

  • For PS4 only.
  • Response time is exceptional.
  • Viewing angles are broad.
  • Low input latency is excellent.
  • Outstanding gaming performance

  • A Little Expensive

Do All PS4 Games Benefits From A 144 Hz Monitor?

Not all PS4 games benefit from a 144 Hz monitor, and understanding the nuances of this is crucial for gamers seeking the best visual experience.

While a 144 Hz monitor can deliver exceptionally smooth and responsive gameplay. It’s only beneficial if the game itself is optimized to run at or near the frame rate.

The majority of PS4 games are developed to run at 30 frames per second (fps) or 60-second fps, which is well below the 144 Hz threshold. In these cases, a 144 Hz monitor would not provide a substantial advantage in terms of frame rate.

Games that are locked at 30 or 60 fps will not benefit from a higher refresh rate, as the monitor can’t create more frames than the game is capable of producing.

However, there are expectations. some modern titles, particularly those on the PS4 Pro or the PS5, are optimized for higher frame rates, and a 144 Hz monitor can shine in these situations.

Games that run at 120 fps or higher will take full advantage of the monitor’s capabilities, delivering a noticeably smoother and more responsive gaming experience.

A 144 Hz monitor can provide a fantastic experience, but not all PS4 games can fully utilize its potential. Gamers should consider their gaming library and priorities when deciding whether to invest in a higher refresh rate monitor.

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Is a gaming monitor for PS4 worth it?

It will function perfectly with your PS4 if the gaming monitor you choose has an HDMI connector and does not have an unusual display ratio.

Is a 144 Hz display suitable for the PlayStation 4?

If you have a really bad TV, a 144Hz monitor can be a good option for you.

What is a good monitor response time for a PS4?

A faster response time is always preferable, and the current best time is 1 millisecond. 

Final Words

So that’s it from us if you’re seeking a 144 Hz display for your PS4. 

Make sure you don’t overspend for a gaming monitor and instead choose the one with the most features and the lowest price. 

We hope that this post will assist you in selecting the finest product.

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