Asus VG248QE Black Screen: Reasons for Asus

Are you looking for a way to fix Asus VG248QE Black Screen, then you are at the right spot because, in this post, we will learn everything to fix Asus VG248QE Black Screen issues.

Do you know why your ASUS vg248qe turns black, or your desktop display goes black, and how to fix it? 

This article discusses the primary reasons for the problem and offers some practical remedies. The black computer screen, unlike the Black Screen of Death, does not display an error code. 

You may not know the reason for the problem or how to solve it if you don’t have an error code. Don’t be concerned. We have completed the tasks for you. We discover some of the root reasons for the problem.

Reasons for Asus VG248QE Black Screen:

This problem can occur in a variety of situations. Consider the following scenario:

  • The problem might occur after installing a graphics driver update or installing a Windows feature update that has a compatibility issue.
  • A faulty system update may also be the blame.
  • A display, connectivity, or video adaptor hardware problem is also a common source of the problem.
  • The issue is caused by a peripheral attached to your computer.

This issue occurs of various reasons. For example, before signing in, your computer screen is black. 

Alternatively, even if you sign in successfully, you can also face an Asus VG248QE Black Screen. You may simply use the strategies we discuss in the following section to assist you.

What To Do For Asus VG248QE Black Screen?

What if the screen on my computer goes black before I sign in? This section will show you various strategies that have been shown to work.

Examine the connection between your computer and the display:

If your computer turns dark before you sign in to your account, the most likely cause is a display-to-computer connection problem.

Here are some options for resolving the connectivity problems:

  • You must double-check that all physical connections are in working order. You may validate this by disconnecting and reconnecting the video signal cord. 
  • You may also move your mouse around to determine whether your computer is asleep.
  • If your computer has more than one video output, you may go to a different port and then wake up the display by moving your mouse or pressing any key. A driver update may contain modifications that cause the visual signal to be sent to the incorrect port.
  • If your computer has both a discrete and an integrated graphics card, you can connect to the embedded video processor to see if the card is malfunctioning. 
  • At the same time, keep in mind that a system or BIOS upgrade might deactivate the discrete video card. 
  • If you’re using an external monitor, you may boost the brightness in the onboard monitor settings because this could be the reason for the black screen. 
  • If you’re using a laptop, you may adjust the brightness of the display using the function keys.
  • A faulty display, video card, or cable might possibly be the source of the problem. Use a new video signal cable or connect the display to another computer that is operating correctly. 

Restart your computer:

If your computer’s screen displays nothing but a blank interface, you can force shut it down and restart it. To restart it, press the Power button once again.

This will clear any transient issues that are causing the black screen in Windows 10.

Disconnect the auxiliary devices:

Even if you don’t want to accept it, you should be aware that your computer’s peripherals might be the source of the problem.

Disconnect all peripherals from the system, including printers, cameras, detachable disc drives, Wi-Fi, or any Memory sticks, to test the condition.

After that, restart your computer to check whether the problem has gone away. If this is the case, one of the peripherals is likely to be the source of the problem.

So, how can you track out the perpetrator? After that, you can detach the accessory from your computer, restart it, and then search the internet for a solution. You can also seek assistance from the peripheral manufacturer.

Clean up your PC:

A clean computer boot ensures that your computer operates in a clean environment. If a background program is causing the black screen, you can use this approach to identify the perpetrator.

  • Start your PC from a clean slate.
  • If your machine functions normally, a clean boot will suffice. Then you must determine which software is causing the problem.
  • You’ll need to re-enable various services one by one and see whether the problem reappears. The cause should be the final program you enable.


What can I do about my Asus monitor’s black screen?

Please double-check whether the power cord is connected or use the same power chord that came with another device. 

If your model came with a power supply, double-check that the power source is connected to the screen.

What is the cause of my Asus monitor’s incessant blackouts?

The Asus monitor screen goes black at random because the cooling system of the Asus gaming computer may be broken or not operating correctly, causing the machine to overheat and shut down. The identical issue causes the MSI monitor to go dark at random.


So this is all from us if you are seeking the best way to fix Asus VG248QE black screen. What should you do if your ASUS VG248QE displays a black screen with no error code? 

You should know the solution after reading this post. You can let us know if you have any other similar concerns in the comments section.

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