Asus VG248QE Display port Flickering: Complete Guide

Don’t be concerned if you have an Asus VG248QE Display port Flickering issue. It’s usually not difficult to fix.

This post has a few solutions that have helped other customers address the ASUS laptop screen flickering problem. 

So keep on reading and simply work your way down the list until you discover one that suits your needs.

What Causes Asus VG248QE Display Port Flickering?

If you connect a monitor to the Display Port output on the laptop docking station and configure your display to 4K at 60Hz, your display may flicker. 

This problem only affects a few displays and is caused by a hardware compatibility issue between the display as well as the docking station.

Faulty graphics drivers, a broken monitor, loose input cords, incompatible apps installed on your computer, or an incorrectly positioned graphics card might cause the Asus display to flicker.

Graphics Drivers That Aren’t Working:

The monitor is highly likely to flicker if the graphics drivers installed in your computer are old or faulty. 

This occurs when the computer is unable to function correctly as a result of incorrect driver identification or installation.

Monitor Failure:

Due to age or circuit flaws, the monitor screen may occasionally fail. As a result, the monitor screen will flicker. The only method to solve this problem is to replace the monitor screen.

Input Wires That Are Too loose:

Because a monitor is an output device, there are various methods to provide input to it. HDMI or USB cables are commonly used to provide input. The monitor screen will flicker if these wires are not correctly connected to the computer.

Incompatible Applications:

 The monitor screen may flicker if you have incompatible software installed on your computer. This problem can be resolved by locating and removing incompatible apps.

Graphics Card Situated Incorrectly:

Flickering troubles on the monitor are common when the graphics card is not correctly installed in the motherboard. To prevent your display from flickering, ensure sure the graphics card is properly seated in its slot.

How To Fix Asus VG248QE Displayport Flickering?

You can fix this issue by following the below procedures:

Change The Refresh Rate Of The Screen:

Many customers have found that changing the screen refresh rate to 60 Hertz is an effective solution to repair the ASUS laptop screen flickering problem. To do so, follow these steps:

Using Microsoft Windows 10:

  • Select Display settings from the context menu by right-clicking on an empty area of your desktop screen.
  • Click Advanced display settings after scrolling down to Multiple screens.
  • For Display 1, click Display adapter properties.
  • Select 60 Hertz in Screen refresh rate under the Monitor tab. Then click OK > Apply.
  • Check to check whether the problem with your ASUS laptop’s screen flickering has been repaired if you answered yes, congratulations! If the problem persists, try Fix 2.

Using Microsoft Windows 7:

  • Select Screen Resolution from the context menu by right-clicking on an empty area of your desktop screen.
  • Select advanced options.
  • Select 60 Hertz in Screen refresh rate under the Monitor tab. Then click OK > Apply.
  • Check to check whether the problem with your ASUS laptop’s screen flickering has been repaired if you answered yes, congratulations! If the problem persists, try Fix 2.

Incompatible Applications Should Be Updated Or Removed:

  • To launch Task Manager, simultaneously press Ctrl, Shift, and Esc on your keyboard.
  • Check to see whether the Task Manager window is flickering; if it is, go to Fix 3.
  • If not, your Windows system may be incompatible with specific programs. Consider any newly installed programs and see whether updating or deleting them fixes the ASUS laptop screen flickering problem.

Your Graphics Driver Should Be Updated.

This issue can arise if you are running an out-of-date or incorrect graphics driver. As a result, you should update these drivers to see if they resolve your issue. 

If you don’t have the time, patience, or expertise to manually update the driver, Driver Easy can do it for you. Driver Easy will automatically detect your system and locate the appropriate drivers. 

You don’t need to know what operating system your machine is running, you don’t need to be concerned about downloading the wrong driver, and you don’t need to be concerned about making a mistake during installation. 

It’s all taken care of by Driver Easy. With either the FREE or PRO version of Driver Easy, you can update your drivers automatically. However, with the Pro version, it just takes two clicks:

  • Driver Easy may be downloaded and installed.
  • Run Driver Easy and select Scan Now from the menu. After that, Driver Easy will check your computer for any problematic drivers.
  • To automatically download and install the right version of any missing or out-of-date drivers on your system, click Update All. This needs the Pro version; you’ll be requested to upgrade when you click Update All.
  • To make the modifications take effect, restart your computer.
  • Check to check whether the flickering on the ASUS laptop screen has been resolved.

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If The Flicking Issue Occurs Only During Specific Task, What Should I Do?

If you find that the display port flicking occurs only during a specific task or application on your monitor, you might be dealing with a software-related issue.

The situation can be frustrating, but with a systematic approach, you can often pinpoint and resolve the problem. One common cause of flicking during specific tasks is software conflict issues. To address this, follow these steps.

Update Reinstall The Software

Begin by Updating the software in question, Outdated incompatible software can trigger flicking problems. If an update does not resolve the issue, consider uninstalling and then reinstalling the problematic application.

Make Sure Your Computer Can Handle It

To avoid flicking during certain tasks, ensure your computer is well-equipped. Think of it like a chef needing the right utensils for a recipe. Your computer requires the proper hardware to run the program without hiccups. If it’s lacking, consider an upgrade.

Driver Updates

Sometimes, outdated graphic card drivers can result in flickering, especially during specific tasks. Visit your graphics card manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers. After installing the updates, restart your system to see if the problem is resolved.

Task Manager

Open the task manager (Ctrl +shift +Esc ) and check if any specific task or applications are using an excessive amount of system resources, such as CPU or GPU. Closing unnecessary processes can alleviate the strain on your system and may resolve the flicking issue.


Is it possible to fix a flickering monitor?

Basic troubleshooting can resolve display flickering caused by mismatched apps, malfunctioning graphics drivers, or a monitor refresh rate that isn’t optimum.

The only method to fix a monitor that flickers is to replace it with a new one if the issue is in the monitor itself.

What’s the most common reason for a flickering screen?

The most common reason for a flickering display is hardware failure. Flickering displays can also be caused by faulty graphics drivers. To fix these difficulties, check the hardware and update the graphics drivers.

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So this is all from us about how to fix Asus vg248qe Displayport flickering issue. In this article, we have learned about the best way to fix Asus vg248qe Displayport flickering. 

By now, you should have cured the ASUS laptop screen flickering problem. Please leave any questions, thoughts, or recommendations in the comments section. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

We hope this article has answered your query, and now you can easily fix Asus vg248qe Displayport flickering issue.

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