Top 5 Best Camera Monitor CCTV Complete Guide & Review

If you are working at a firm or running a business, then security is one of the crucial aspects that you must keep in your mind. Any CCTV camera for surveillance is a great choice to keep records and tracks of daily routine.

If you want to get a camera monitor for your business to record and see everything from the comfort of your office, then you can consider choosing a product from the list of the Best Camera Monitor CCTV cameras that I shared below.

List of Best Camera Monitor CCTV

Samsung QN90A QLED

  • DETAILS IN THE DARK: See brilliantly intense, 4K UHD contrast delivered by Mini LEDs.
  • 4K UPSCALING: No matter what you watch, Neo Quantum Processor 4K transforms 
  • TRUE-TO-LIFE COLORS: Enjoy a mesmerizing, realistic picture with spectacular clarity
  • SOUND THAT MOVES YOU: Discover TV audio that follows the action on screen 

The best security camera monitor that you can consider for installing in your office or in your room can be Samsung QN90A QLED. This is a 4K TV with excellent picture quality and the smoothest video display.

The Samsung QN90A is an excellent option. It contains all of the features you would expect from contemporary television.

It offers a 4K native resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, which is the industry standard for 4K TVs. The monitor can show 4K UHD content with great color accuracy and is suitable with the majority of UHD content.

It has a NeoQuantum Processor and a Quantum Processor 4K, which performs well in handling HDR10 and Dolby Vision material at 4K quality, resulting in a more lifelike image and improved color.

This makes the Quantum Dot display of the QN90A excellent for its HDR capabilities. If you have a monitor that runs at 120Hz, this screen will be able to share it precisely.

With features like Alexa Google Assistant, you can access all of your applications and streaming services directly from your TV. This model offers a dynamic range of 100,000,000:1, which is outstanding for a screen at this price.

The monitor screen has its own sleek metal stand and a super-slim design, making it easy to install anyplace in your living area. For a truly immersive experience, Samsung’s Object Tracking Sound ensures that you can watch the action on screen as it unfolds.

It features a wide viewing angle, so you’ll get a fantastic picture no matter which way you look at it. This is due to the quantum dot screen, which is much brighter than LCD or OLED.

A power cord, a SolarCell remote controller, and Samsung smart control are all included. For rich, immersive surround sound, you can set up with an additional Q Series soundbar.

You can consider getting an aftermarket soundbar to this monitor screen. It also includes a headphone port, allowing you to listen to music without bothering others.

  • UHD and 4K Display support
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Metal stand and slim bezel design
  • Precise and reliable motion handling
  • The price is high.


  • STUNNING 4K UHD RESOLUTION (3840 x 2160) and incredible 1 billion colors.
  • Optimized for home office usage with a powerful split screen function like Picture-by-Picture.
  • CONNECT MULTIPLE DEVICES like laptop, PC, desktop computer, mac and macbook pro.
  • METALLIC STAND for sleek design. Power consumption (stand-by) – 0.45W

The second best option as the best monitor for CCTV is also from Samsung called the UE57 Series. This is an amazing 4K Display monitor to consider by anyone who really wants to keep tracks and records of all the happenings around them.

This monitor has a UHD (ultra-high-definition) display, and it is the first monitor to include AMD’s FreeSync technology. This means that all videos and recordings from surveillance will run at their native dimensions and framerates.

The UE57 series is also the first monitor with a 1ms response time, which means it won’t lag when you’re gaming. It also supports 1 billion colors, allowing you to see an even more vibrant display on your screen.

The display has a resolution of 3840×2160 and a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is ideal for playing games at their original resolutions and framerates. The sharpness of this monitor is impressive, and it’s also quite simple to read.

The monitor includes a T-shaped pedestal with tilt, swivel, and pivot capabilities, making it easy to place the monitor at any point. It also has a 178° viewing angle, so you won’t have any trouble seeing it from all sides.

This best TV to use as a monitor has two HDMI connections, allowing you to connect it to any other device that can display 4K at 60Hz, such as a Blu-ray or an Nvidia Shield TV.

Moreover, the DisplayPort connector allows you to connect it with other devices, making it a computer monitor with a camera.

  • Full UHD display
  • The T-shaped stand allows easy positioning
  • 1 billion color shadings
  • High viewing angle

  •  Doesn’t work with Nvidia G-Sync

BenQ EX2780Q 27 Inch Gaming Monitor

  • STUNNING 2K QHD DISPLAY  16 9 image quality with 2K QHD 2560×1440 resolution on an IPS wide 
  • BOOST GAMING EXPERIENCE FreeSync and 144Hz refresh rate deliver smooth and clear images 
  • EASY ACCESS TO SETTINGS Use a remote control 5-way navigator or a volume wheel to access
  • BRIGHTNESS INTELLIGENCE PLUS auto-adjusts brightness and color temperature

The next best monitor for CCTV recordings is the BenQ EX2780Q monitor with a 27″ display. This is a 27″ monitor with 4K resolution, which means it can offer great screen clarity.

The highest brightness of the monitor is 400 nits, which is extremely bright. It also features a 60Hz refresh rate and a 5ms response time. Because it boasts an IPS panel with great brightness, the monitor also provides a pleasant viewing experience.

It has several inputs, including two DisplayPort 3.2 connectors, two HDMI ports, one RJ45 LAN port, two USB 2.0 ports, 2 VGA ports, one combination audio out, and one combo headphone jack.

This monitor with camera boasts a curved screen that will make viewing any recordings and videos more pleasant for you. There is no flicker on such monitors for cameras, making them a viable option for business use.

The BenQ EX2780Q 27-inch monitor is big with its 27-inch display that features a 1920×1080 resolution, making it one of the finest displays available. It boasts a 1000:1 contrast ratio and a 178-degree viewing angle.

Although the monitor lacks an IPS panel, it does contain a TN panel, which helps colors appear brighter. It boasts a 300-nit brightness, which is rather good. Because it supports HDR4, this monitor is ideal for gaming too.

The display has a response time of 5 milliseconds and a viewing angle of 178 degrees horizontally and vertically. The ergonomic design of the BenQ EX2780Q makes it an optimal option having built-in speakers for entertainment too.

The adjustable brightness has three distinct settings to choose from Blue Light, Natural, and Flicker-Free. The Flicker-free mode is appropriate for playing video games, while the Blue light mode is good for viewing movies and television shows.

The speakers used on this model aren’t particularly strong, but they do have a decent range when you play recording through a security camera with monitor. So, if you’re looking for a huge, high-resolution display, this is it.

  • TN display panel 
  • Ergonomic design and feel
  • Value for money with large screen
  • 400 nits bright screen

  •  Not supported for 3D. 

Buying Guide for Choosing Best Monitor For CCTV

As we have talked about some of the security monitor models that can be used for security camera monitoring in business organizations as well as in big firms for surveillance, now I will tell you how to buy such a camera monitor screen.


The size of the Monitor depends on where you like to sit the Monitor You should consider a smaller TV if you sit closer and a larger monitor if you prefer to sit farther from the Monitor.

The optimal screen size for surveying your security cameras is determined by how far you’ll be reclining from the screen, the aim you’ll be pursuing, and the number of cameras you’ll be seeing on a single display.

If you want to sit further away from the computer, you’ll probably need to upgrade to a larger one so you can view everything that the camera sees.

Smaller displays have the advantage of placing more camera lenses into your field of view without requiring you to move your eyes as much. CCTV monitor should be the ideal size.

In the case that you have a screen with a better resolution, you will be able to have more camera controls and other programs on the screen.

Power Usage

LEDs are the primary backlight type in monitors nowadays, so most monitors use a similar amount of power. But this power consumption may vary with the size of the Monitor as larger monitors will consume more energy, around 80-100 watts.

LEDs are the most common kind of background lighting in displays these days; therefore, most panels need a similar amount of force. During regular use, most security cameras with monitor require 45 to 65 watts.

Some Energy Star certified displays can consume as little as 16 to 35 watts, although the screen will not be as brightly lighted in this mode. A larger LED screen or TV (more than 30 inches) can consume up to 80 watts.

A 100,000-hour life expectancy is typical for driven lit exhibitions. LCD-lit displays have a life lifetime of 50,000 to 100,000 hours. That’s around 5 to 11 years of consistent usage.

These evaluations are mostly based on the type of parts (particularly capacitors in the display) and the temperature at which the screen is being used. The best TV monitor would deal with the temperature very well.


The optimum screen for your security camera with monitor screen will also depend on how much information you need to see and the clarity of what’s on it, such as UI components and text quality, as well as your camera feed.

The clarity is determined by the aim, but a larger screen allows you to view it at a more comfortable size. In comparison to 1080p, a 27-inch screen with a 1440p resolution will appear substantially fresher.

The advantage of using a higher-resolution screen for your security setup is that you can quickly accommodate more apps and tabs on the screen.

Higher resolution can help you do a variety of jobs and allow you to view several cameras feeds as well as other programs you need to see at the same time.

Types of Panel

A broad range of innovations may be used on the panels of the screens that you want to use for security. The most common LCD board types are TN, VA, and IPS.

OLED is used in non-LCD board types. LED and QLED is types of background lighting technologies that are used in conjunction with TN, VA, and IPS boards.

Refresh Rates

The refresh rate will play a crucial role in handling any movements on the video records from the security camera. Greater refresh rates on a monitor screen are better. If you’re only using your screen for security cameras, refresh rates won’t make much of a difference.

The refresh rate of screens can range from 60 to 360 Hz. On the display panels within screens, a wide range of improvements can be applied. TN, VA, and IPS are the most prevalent LCD panel kinds.

If you use your screen for many reasons, it might affect your overall perception. Your website’s pages will appear to be a lot more fluid. As a result, you won’t notice a difference in refresh rates if the video isn’t moving.

For all usage circumstances, an acceptable refresh rate is approximately 120Hz to 165Hz or more; however, 60 Hz would do when using only for your surveillance camera feed.

Response Time

The response from a screen and the time is taken for it also determines how effectively it can handle movement for any live recordings during the day or at night. A shorter response time is always better.

While looking at site pages or records, a faster reaction time allows you to focus on language perfection and clarity. The time it takes for a screen to transition from one shade to the next is known as reaction time.


Another factor that is worth mentioning is the lifespan of the Monitor LED-backlit displays typically have a 100,000-hour lifespan. That’s equivalent to 5 to 11 years of constant use. These estimates mainly depend on the quality of components and the temperature in which the display is being used.


Why buy a monitor instead of a TV?

Consider a monitor instead of a TV is a better option because modern monitors are capable of becoming security camera screen for surveillance. Considering a high-end model would turn it to be the best TV as monitor for you.

Do monitors have cameras?

While not all monitors have cameras, some models come with a webcam, but they are not very useful. People prefer to install cameras independently and make use of cheap camera monitor to record their workplace activities.

How to connect security camera to TV?

If you have bought the best camera monitor for recording activity, then it must have display ports for HDMI, DVI, Display ports, and others. Check for the connection type that your TV supports and connect it to your security CCTV cameras.

How to connect CCTV camera to TV without DVR?

If you want to use the best TV as a monitor in your home, you can connect it through VGA or HDMI port cables and make a stable connection. Some models support DVRs, but most of them may not.

How do I connect security camera and monitor?

If you want to connect a surveillance camera with monitor, then consider getting a security monitor screen from a trusted supplier that supports multiple inputs.

The cameras for monitoring that you are using must have a connection type from which you can use that cable to connect it with your monitor screen and get the display on it easily. An HDMI security camera will need an HDMI port to connect properly.

Can I get a cheap monitor for security camera?

You can use Samsung TV camera as a surveillance camera and avoid getting any best cheap security cameras or monitor for your workplace, which can be a headache in the long run.


This was a guide on the best monitor for CCTV cameras, and I have shared some exotic monitor screens that can help you record easy content. These monitors can be helpful in identifying and clearing up any activity that was recorded days ago.

So if you can make up your mind, consider choosing any of these. I will add my recommendation to help you choose the listed computer monitor models according to their category.

My Recommendations

Best Monitor Overall: Samsung QN90A QLED

The best monitor for surveillance cameras is Samsung QN90A. The reason is that it is a 4K TV with excellent picture quality and a 120Hz refresh rate. Any user will get the best image and improved color quality with this monitor.

Moreover, it also supports well for Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby too. You will be handling tasks easily with this smart monitor.

Best Reliable Monitor: BenQ EX2780Q 27″

This is the best reliable option that has several inputs to adapt the display, and the brightness of the monitor is 400 nits which are very bright due to the TN panel. This curved monitor helps the colors to appear brighter on the screen.

Value for Money: Samsung UE57 Series

This is the best deal that you can get for your money because it supports a 4K Display screen having UHD resolution support. The greater advantage is FreeSync technology and 1ms response time that is attained from the resolution of 3840×2160.

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