Das Mode LG Monitor: Complete Guide & Buyer Review

If you want to know everything about Das Mode LG Monitor, then you are in the right spot. This post will make it clear for you to understand everything about Das Mode LG Monitor.

Any gamer wants the best for his “temple,” but the problem is that technologies that improve gameplay or smoothness come at a premium price, but what if this isn’t totally true? 

Currently, two big firms manufacture the bulk of gaming panels on the market: AU Optronics and LG, the latter of which incorporates a mode in the monitors that include their panels that gives a substantial gaming advantage: LG DAS.

When we go to buy a gaming monitor, we carefully check the specifications, and in the vast majority of models on the market, we discover a feature that few people are aware of.

We’re talking about the well-known gaming mode, sometimes known as Gaming Mode or Game Mode, but turning it on is one thing, and understanding why it helps gameplay is another.

What exactly does the Das Mode LG Monitor provide for the gamer?

As you may have guessed, DAS stands for Dynamic Action Sync and is LG’s patented technology, which the company outlines in a single sentence with a few arguments:

As we can see, there isn’t much to scratch here, and there isn’t much information available, but we’ll do our best to cast more light on what the firm has to offer. 

You may have seen the so-called Instant Option or Instant Mode on a rival BenQ monitor; LG DAS is the counterpart of this model. 

DAS, as we all know, is a technology that deals with two important aspects of every gaming monitor: the connection that links it to the GPU and the handling of each frame as it passes through it to the screen.

Frames scan with no lag:

In essence, it boils down to this: both LG and BenQ are striving for real-time synchronous scanning with no pre-or post-processing of the screen. 

This is where LG’s word Sync comes in, as they are attempting to synchronize the scanning that occurs on the cable with the scanning that occurs on the panel. 

However, where is the benefit if this is in principle what G-SYNC and FreeSync are?

It’s important to note that we’re not discussing the GPU and the monitor here; rather, we’re discussing the cable’s reaction time and the panel/monitor in question. 

The display does not need to save Buffer in each update cycle that the GPU transmits across the wire to the screen, thanks to LG DAS.

This enables a secondary update latency that accomplishes a very specific goal: updating the panel in real-time as the pixels arrive on the wire.

By transferring the pixels straight from the cable to the panel, the delay caused by the Buffer is minimized to the very minimum theoretically achievable, and everything is controlled by a single value: the monitor’s or panel’s reaction time.

How to turn on Das Mode on LG Monitor?

The very first point to remember is that not all LG monitors are compatible with DAS application and installation. 

Only those that the brand has certified feature it, and many of them do not have the choice selected, owing to the fact that it is enabled by default and cannot be disabled.

The methods are straightforward for people who don’t know if it’s in the OSD or not:

  • We proceed to the section / Image mode in the monitor menu.
  • We quit the OSD and enabled Gaming Mode.

Best Das Mode LG Monitor:

LG 34GN850-B:

The LG 34GN850-B boasts a 1440p resolution on a 34-inch screen, giving it plenty of screen real estate for productivity activities as well as intense gaming. 

The screen is somewhat curved and bright enough to be used in dimly lit spaces. 

It has a fast reaction time, and a high refresh rate, resulting in crisp visuals with little motion blurs, and it supports both FreeSync and G-SYNC.

  • Excellent response speed.
  • Excellent color fidelity right out of the box.
  • Input latency is really minimal.

  • The contrast ratio isn’t up to standard.
  • Ergonomics are poor.


What is the procedure for enabling dynamic action Sync?

Use full-screen mode with the highest refresh rate to allow the opportunity to turn on Dynamic Action Sync. I believe it’s essentially the utilization of a real-time synchronized scan out and real-time panel refreshes off the wire.

  • What’s the best method to get DAS mode to work?

It’s possible to turn it on the right from your monitor’s settings. DAS Mode is available via the Menu>Picture>Game Mode>DAS Mode.

What is the abbreviation for DAS?

The abbreviation for DAS is Dynamic Action Sync.

Are all LG monitors compatible with DAS?

No, not all LG monitors have access to the DAS feature.

Currently, which is the best DAS LG monitor?

The best DAS LG monitor is LG 34GN850-B.

Is LG 34GN850-B a good monitor for gaming?

The LG 34GN850-B is a good monitor for media consumption. It delivers good picture quality thanks to its high resolution, and its large, curved screen is great for immersion.

What does the IPS panel of LG 34GN850-B do?

The IPS panel of LG 34GN850-B is quite advanced and useful as the IPS panel of LG 34GN850-B provides decent viewing angles, it’s not the best for watching in the dark due to the low contrast ratio.

Final Words

So that’s it from us about DAS Mode LG Monitor. Please remember that Gaming Mode and LG. 

DAS will only work with video input sources like HDMI or Display Port and will not work with anything else. 

LG DAS will not operate if any of these features are deactivated, even if they are enabled in the OSD, so keep that in mind when playing. 

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