Desk Too Thick For Monitor Mount: Buyer Review & Guide

Do you, like many other users throughout the wDesk Too Thick For Monitor Mount desk is too thick for a monitor mount problem? You don’t have to be concerned since we’ll show you how to conquer your problem in this article.

A C-clamp that fits over the desk edge or a Grommet that keeps the arm in place via a hole in the desk surface are both used to monitor arms to a desk.

The issue with utilizing a monitor arm on a thick desktop or a desk with full-width drawers is that the C-clamp isn’t always big enough to fit over the work surface.

In reality, the biggest C-clamp on an off-the-shelf monitor arm can only support a 4′′ desk thickness.

This post will look at a variety of monitor arms with the largest C-clamps accessible, as well as a number of alternate suggestions for incorporating a monitor arm into your setup without sacrificing the appearance of your desktop.

What to Do For Desk Too Thick For Monitor Mount?

Monitor’s arms are attached to a desk using C-clamps that slot over the desk edge or Grommets, which keep the arm in place using a hole in the desktop.

Below are some of the best options for you if you are facing Desk Too Thick For Monitor Mount issues. 

While the following options concentrate on the ideal monitor arm for a thick desk, you may want to read our comprehensive guide here to learn more about how much load a monitor arm may support.

The Best Monitor Arm for Desk Too Thick For Monitor Mount:

Huanuo Hnss12 Single Monitor Arm:

  • Upgrade Single Monitor Mount – Use hidden adjustment hole to avoid daily dust
  • USB Management Integration – Monitor stand with USB connectors and cable management
  • Better View Choose – A Wide range of movements, Tilt:-30° to +85 °
  • More Longer Arm – Extended reinforced detachable arm, suitable for wider table

The Huanuo HNSS12 monitor arm is the winner and, in our opinion, the best monitor arm for a thick desk.

The HNSS12 is a great performer in every category, with the capacity to move big screens up to 35 inches in size while holding everything in place with a clamp that fits over thick desks up to 3.5 inches in depth.

This device is more suited than any other to slide into a setup on a multi-functional workspace like a drafting table or craft station because of the length of the arm when fully extended. 

Simply place the monitor on the stand in the far corner of the desk and swing it into action as needed.

  • C-clamp 3.5″ + grommet 3.5″
  • Supports monitors up to 35″ in size and 26.4 pounds in weight.
  • The arm that is extra-long and strengthened
  • Built-in cable management features, such as a USB port in the
  • stand base, are included.
  • It may take some trial and error to match the pneumatic tension of the arm to the weight of your monitor.

Huanuo Hnds6 Dual Monitor Arm:

  • Increase Comfort & Productivity – This dual monitor stand raises monitors to eye level
  • Install In 10 Min or Less – The 1-piece gas spring arm simplifies the assembly.
  • Optimize Your View and Workstation – The stand allows your monitor to swivel, tilt and rotate.
  • Hold Your Monitor Stably – The solid construction and stable clamp/grommet base provide stable

Throughout our research, the Huanuo HNDS6 was the only single or dual monitor arm that could be attached to a desk with an edge thicker than 3.5′′.

The ability to clamp onto a desk of up to 3.74′′ in thickness was the key design element being evaluated in this post; therefore, the HNDS6 easily earned the ‘attach to the biggest width’ prize.

Keep in mind, however, that this unit’s weight-bearing capabilities are limited. While 14.3 pounds for each arm will cover most monitors, it will not cover all of them.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the wonderfully articulated arms require around 6′′ of space behind the desk to work in all of their possible configurations.

They do, nevertheless, feature so many pivot points that you’ll have no trouble designing a setup that works for you while keeping your desk flush with the wall.

  • A market-leading 3.74″ C-clamp combined with a 3.74″ grommet
  • The C-clamp itself is particularly robust, with two bolts instead of the typical one supporting it.

  • You must provide enough room behind the desk for the arms to completely articulate.
  • Monitors up to 27″ in size are only supported.
  • Only supports monitors that weigh up to 14.3 pounds apiece.

Mount up Mu0004 Single Monitor Arm:

  • Universal Monitor Arm: MOUNTUP monitor desk mount perfectly fits most LCD LED flat
  • Full Motion Monitor Stand: This single monitor arm offers a wide range of movement.
  • Easy To Assemble: Our monitor VESA desk mount is easy to install with a drill-free c-clamp
  • Free Up Your Desk Space: Heavy-duty monitor arm with built-in cable control professionally helping to hide wires.

The MOUNT UP MU0004 is a best-seller in the monitor arm category everywhere it is offered due to its low price.

The 3.54′′ C-clamp width is ideal for our needs, and it doesn’t lose functionality. When it comes to price, there isn’t much to complain about.

This arm should certainly make your shortlist if your monitor is under the 95th percentile of weight and size (i.e., it’s no more than 32′′ and weighs no something beyond 17.6lbs).

  • The pricing is quite affordable.
  • 3.34″ grommet + 3.54″ C-clamp
  • Colors include black, silver, and pink.
  • Monitors weighing up to 17.6 pounds may be supported.

  • A small amount of force is required to move the gas spring adjustment mechanism.

Vivo Gm1bb Premium Pneumatic Monitor Arm:

  • Fits 17″ To 32″ Screens – Take your setup to the next level with this single LED monitor 
  • Blue LED Lights For Ambiance – Adding LED lights to your gaming setup or workstation creates ambient color 
  • Pneumatic Height Adjustment – Raise your screen to eye level and enjoy comfortable viewing angles 
  • Easy Installation – Mounting your monitor is a simple process with the removable VESA plate

Vivo has shown some ingenuity by successfully inserting some cool blue LED lights into the GM1BB’s shell. If your gaming setup has blue or white accents, this is a lovely addition.

Of course, you don’t buy a monitor arm for its lights (which, by the way, can be turned off), and when measured and compared to others on this list, the GM1BB is adequate, if not exceptional.

The ability to clamp into a desk with a thickness of up to 3.5′′ is certainly beneficial, but there have been some complaints in the reviews about build quality, with even light displays causing the arm to sink.

  • C-clamp 3.5″ + grommet 3.5″
  • Up to 32 monitors can be accommodated “in dimensions
  • You’ll be able to rotate your monitor through 13 different
  • positions “of varying heights
  • It is possible to turn on and off LED lights.

  • The arm has a hard time holding monitors that are at the limit of its capability.
  • Stick to monitors weighing 14.3 pounds or less.
  • The LED illumination is a touch on the bright side for gamers and non-gamers equally.

VIVO v200g heavy-duty dual Monitor Arm:

  • Fits Extra Heavy Screens – This dual monitor mount fits screens 17” to 32” in size and up to 26.4 lbs in weight
  • Fully Adjustable – The powerful pneumatic arms offer a height range from 13.2” to 19.5”
  • Integrated Cable Management – Cable clips conveniently route power and AV cords for a clean and organized appearance
  • Easy Installation – Mounting your monitors is a simple process with the detachable VESA plates.

The Vivo V200G is built to support not one but two heavyweight displays with swivel, tilt, height, and rotation choices.

This feature allows it to support practically all 32′′ monitors marketed today, as our article on monitor arms for hefty screens demonstrated.

The display arms may be turned separately to form a layout with one or two vertical screens, with the flexible pneumatic arms respecting as well as retaining even the tiniest of screen adjustments.

  • Up to 32inch  monitors can be accommodated “in dimensions
  • Pneumatic arms feature adjustable tensions to cope with varying weights and can handle two monitors weighing up to 26.4lbs each.
  • The design has built-in cable management features.

  • The desk can only be 3.3 inches thick because of the attachments


Is it possible to attach a monitor to a thick desk?

A C-clamp that fits over the desk edge or a Grommet that keeps the arm in place via a hole in the desk surface are both used to monitor arms to a desk.

What is the ideal thickness of a desk for a monitor arm?

The normal tabletop thickness for a monitor arm must be up to 3.93 inches for C-clamp installation and up to 3.74 inches for Grommet mounting.

Final Words

So that’s everything we have to say about the desk being too thick for a monitor mount. We hope that your issue of the desk too thick for monitor will be resolved by the tips provided in this post? Please let us know if you have any further questions in the comments area below.

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