How to Connect Ps4 to Monitor without HDMI

The PlayStation 4 is a fantastic gaming system that has brought us closer to real-world gaming than ever before. 

Connecting your PS4 to a big screen display with snacks on the table and your favorite first-person shooter and racing game mostly on screen provides you the ideal gaming experience. 

Isn’t it thrilling to merely contemplate that scene? Now you don’t have to just imagine since you can now connect your PS4 to a Monitor without using HDMI. 

After getting multiple requests, we finally decided to write an article on how to connect a PS4 to a monitor without HDMI, so here it is.

Connecting a PS4 to a Monitor through HDMI is a simple process; however, connecting a PS4 to a Monitor without HDMI is more difficult and time-consuming.

When you lose your HDMI cable, don’t want to spend money on one, or your Monitor doesn’t have an HDMI port, the notion of how to connect PS4 to Monitor without HDMI comes to mind.

It is dependent on your model:

As you may be aware, LED monitors are becoming increasingly popular and extensively used, and because their prices have reduced over time, more people are opting to get LEDs. 

However, some people are unable to purchase a monitor with an HDMI connector. Modern game consoles include the ability to connect to monitors through HDMI, but if your display lacks an HDMI connector, you may find it difficult to connect PS4 to the panel via other means.

But don’t worry, we’ve done the research and found a few ways to connect your PS4 to Monitor without HDMI without having to buy a new current monitor.

How to connect PS4 to Monitor without HDMI:

We’ve set up a step-by-step tutorial to assist you in connecting your PS4 to a monitor without the need of an HDMI cable. So, without further ado, let’s get going.

You may connect your PS4 to a Monitor without using an HDMI connection in two ways.

By using Composite Cable:

If you look at the back of your Monitor, you’ll find a couple of ports, which may be anything from a DVI input to a coax input. 

You’ll also notice three round-shaped ports with three different colors written within the ports, which are known as composite cables.

These ports act as converters, converting HDMI impulses into signals that your television can interpret. You may connect your game console to your Monitor without using an HDMI cable this way.

Those who use the composite cables to interact with PS4 are fortunate in that they can acquire the cable instead of buying a converter.

Using a high-quality cable simplifies the procedure while also providing superb visual quality. If you’re using a low-cost or low-quality converter or cable, there’s a disadvantage.

The audio quality, image quality, and HDMI signals are all affected by a low-quality cable or converter. Here’s how you can connect your PS4 to your Monitor without HDMI.

  1. The first thing you should do is look on the back of your television for a composite interface connection to see if it is accessible. The port will be printed in three distinct colors on the inside.
  2. After that, go to any computer store and buy a composite to HDMI converter. Also, purchase a high-quality converter cable, like a low-quality connection will reduce the visual quality.
  3. Connect one end of the wire to the gaming console the other to the composite socket on the back of your display.
  4. Some monitors may request that the display mode be changed from an interface to a composite port.

Because third-party firms create HDMI to Composite cables that cannot be converted, there is no assurance that the converter will solve your problem.

Use HDMI-to-DVI Converter:

Both HDMI and DVI create digital signals; therefore, if your Monitor has a DVI connector, you’ll get better results than using the converter described above.

You will also be able to make compromises, such as the loss of low-quality video or audio, as with an HDMI to composite converter.

Because DVI does not carry the audio signal, this may be a hit-or-miss approach. DVI ports come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they range from model to model in Monitor.

So the first step is to check DVI port of your Monitor or whether you have a converter as well as which kind of DVI ports the converter uses. 

So follow the steps below to use the HDMI to DVI converter:

  1. Connect the console to the HDMI cable, then to the DVI converter on either end.
  2. Attach the DVI cable to the converter on 1 end as well as the DVI converter on either.
  3. Switch on the PS4 after switching your screen to the proper input mode. If you can see the Sony logo, as well as the console, opens up, then you’ve succeeded with this technique.

If nothing of the above solutions works, we recommend that you consider purchasing a new Monitor. 

HDMI-compatible televisions are inexpensive, and you can purchase one for as little as $20 from second-hand retail sources.

Although the procedures indicated above are successful, they cannot be assured to work perfectly. If they function, there’s a chance you’ll have to settle for a lower gaming quality using a converter.


What should I do if my display lacks HDMI?

If your system lacks an HDMI port, you can link via the S-video and VGA port alternatively.

Is HDMI the only connection option for the PS4?

The PS4 gaming system only has HDMI output, but if you have an older Monitor, you may bypass the HDMI connection.

Are there no HDMI ports on monitors?

On the back of most current displays, there will be at least one HDMI port. If your pc has an HDMI port which looks like the above, you’ll simply need a standard HDMI cable.


This article explained how to connect a PS4 to monitor without HDMI. Because certain Monitors do not provide HDMI cable functioning, we have a viable alternative in the form of a composite port.

You should, however, need to accept certain sacrifices in regards of gaming enjoyment, and at the very slightest, the game interface will be adequate. 

However, one thing to keep in mind is that the cable or converter you choose must be of good quality; else, your gaming experience will be ruined.

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