My Monitor Keeps Going To Sleep: What’s Problem

Are you looking for the answer for your query, My Monitor keeps going to sleep randomly, then you are at the right spot because in this post we will describe the best method to overcome this issue. 

One of the most prevalent problems in Windows 10 and Windows 7 is Monitor Keeps Going to Sleep. You may simply solve it by using one of the options listed below.

To help you solve the problem, we’ve put together a list of best solutions below. It’s possible that you won’t need to try all of them; simply navigate your approach down till you discover one that performs for you.

Why My Monitor Keeps Going To Sleep?

It is critical to identify the reasons before going on to the remedy. Because of an older graphics card driver or maybe a short duration defined in Windows’ “power settings,” a display might continually go to sleep.

High-quality monitor systems often provide good performance over a lengthy period of time. However, users will occasionally encounter the issue of a monitor going to sleep.

There’s a strong risk you’ll lose information as well if the screen goes black. This issue most commonly affects Windows 7 or Windows 10 computers.

This problem can also arise when a user moves from an outdated operating system to a newer one. This problem may be solved with the use of efficient remedies.

Some of the most frequent reason why a monitor continues going to sleep is listed below:

Settings involving power:

The system’s power settings are one of the most typical reasons for this problem. This problem is almost certain to occur if the sleep mode is used for a short period of time. If it’s set to 2 minutes, for example, the problem will continue until the settings are altered.

The screen saver:

When a screen saver is enabled and the sleep mode has a time set, the Monitor may go into sleep mode when the user is not looking at it.

Outdated Graphics card Drivers:

This is a significant contributing factor to the problem. When your graphics card driver is out of date, your system’s functions cease operating, and you’ll be forced to go into sleep mode.

What causes my Monitor to go to sleep?

Monitors going into sleep mode at random are a highly annoying problem that practically every system user has to deal with.

To tackle this issue, various computers with different operating systems have distinct functions.

Some of the most common issues described in the preceding sections include an active screen saver, outdated graphics card drivers, and improper power settings.

It is recommended that you read the previous sections to learn more about the concerns, causes, and remedies for resolving this issue.

How can I fix My Monitor keeps going to sleep Problem?

In the preceding section, we’ve listed some of the most typical reasons for the Monitor going into sleep mode. 

To resolve this problem, it is necessary to first identify the root reasons and then develop a solution.

The following are some of the most common approaches for resolving the problem based on the causes:

  • Modify the system’s power settings: If this is the first time you’ve encountered this problem with a system, the first thing you should do is check the power settings.
  • Start by going to the start menu.
  • To begin, open the control panel.
  • Select ‘power choices’ from the drop-down menu.
  • From the left pane, choose ‘change when the computer sleeps.
  • Change the ‘turn off the display length’ to a longer time.
  • After that, change the length of ‘put the computer to sleep and choose the suitable choice.
  • Save all of your modifications and double-check that the problem is still there.

Screen savers:

You’ll need to disable the screen saver once you’ve modified the power settings to get rid of the problem for good. (Only available for Windows 7)

  • From the start menu, select Control Panel.
  • Select ‘appearance’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Change the screen saver by clicking the ‘change screen saver button.’

Obtain the most recent driver for your graphics card:

This problem is usually caused by a faulty or inoperative graphics card driver. It is important to upgrade the graphics card driver in this instance. 

Installing some internet programs or tools in the system can do this automatically.

Configure Windows Update:

Windows Update not just updates the computer system, but it also upgrades the drivers that go with them to maintain compatibility. Suppose any other relevant files have become corrupted or obsolete.

In the event that the system develops a problem, a simple update may be sufficient. When plugged in, several customers have complained that their Monitor falls to sleep.


Why is it that my Monitor is always going to sleep?

The issue with the computer going to sleep might be caused by a malfunctioning or outdated graphics card driver.

What causes the Monitor’s dark screen?

A dark monitor is a clear clue that something is wrong with your computer.


Many experts receive questions like, my monitor keeps going to sleep, and is attracting a lot of attention these days. This has become a widespread problem, but it is also one that can be resolved. Follow each of the ways listed one by one until your problem is fixed. One of these will undoubtedly be beneficial to you. 

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