Quality Comparison Between 24 VS 27 Inch Monitor

Most individuals cannot afford to update their computer monitors on a regular basis. As a result, selecting a monitor that is the right size for your needs becomes the most difficult and significant process.

There are several options to be taken when purchasing the ideal monitor and one of the most significant is the screen size. 

We’ll be analyzing two of today’s most prominent gaming monitor sizes: the 24 VS 27 Inch Monitor. Read this article to learn which of these two options is best for you.

24 VS 27 Inch Monitor: Difference:

In regards of pixels per inch and visual appeal, a 27-inch 1440p monitor surpasses the competition. It is, nevertheless, far more costly than a 24-inch 1080p monitor.

The fact that 1080p screens are less costly than 24 inch 1080p monitors is part of the reasoning. Because 1440p is a fairly new concept, it is more expensive.

Getting a 24-inch 1080p LCD monitor will save you money. The reason behind this is that 1080p graphics do not need a more costly GPU. 

A higher powerful GPU is required for a 27-inch 1440p display. This might require the usage of a more powerful power supply. 

It’s conceivable that your GPU isn’t up to the task of supporting resolutions over 1080p. It’s a good option to change to a higher-resolution display if this happens.

This is not a smart idea if you plan to update your GPU in the future. 

You may choose between a 27-inch 1080p display and a 24-inch 1080p monitor, which is significantly less costly but gives the same performance.

Comparing a 27-Inch with a 24-Inch Monitor:

Do you have any idea? These two game monitors, which measure 24 or 27 inches, are now the most popular gaming displays. 

Each designer strives to produce a size that is practical for everyday usage. It’s also useful because many individuals use personal computers with it.

Monitors with a screen size of 24 to 27 inches are simple to set up: The 24-inch monitor measurements are for simplicity of installation. 

Because the 27-inch is bigger, it takes greater depth to be seen. The size of the stamens may have an impact on the amount of space available on the desk. Installing a 27-inch deck is difficult. 

Whether or not your desk can be fitted is determined by its size. Make the desk 24 inches deep, hang it with a display arm, or connect a keyboard slider if it’s too deep.

Full HD Image Quality Comparison of 24 VS 27-inch Monitors:

The image quality will be less crisp because of the size difference between the 32-inch and 24-inch photos, for example. 

It’s not an issue if the visual quality is equivalent between the 27 and 24 monitor versions. A 4K 27-inch monitor is accessible, as compared to a 24-inch monitor.

However, there is no discernible difference in image fidelity when the screen is flipped upside down and zoomed in on. 

Dimensions of the monitor:

Many individuals are unaware that the size of their LCD panel is more important than the actual size of their display.

It’s crucial to know how many inches you have when deciding monitor size. Although it looks to be vertical or horizontal, it is in fact diagonal.

27-inch Recommendation:

Asus ProArt Display PA278CV:

  • Calman Verified with factory calibrated for excellent Delta E < 2 color accuracy
  • Extensive connectivity including DP over USB-C with 65W Power Delivery, DisplayPort, HDMI, USB 3.1 hub
  • 75Hz refresh rate and Adaptive-Sync technology (48~75Hz) to animated content with fast action and eliminate screen tearing
  • Daisy-chaining allows users to daisy chain up to four monitors for a multi-display workstation via DisplayPort

The Asus ProArt Display PA278CV is a 27-inch monitor that we suggest.

The Asus ProArt Display PA278CV includes all of ports you’ll need to connect any normal desktop PC, as well as a great-looking screen with adequate color calibration for majority of users.

The PA278CV’s stand features a USB-C port for charging most 13-inch laptops, as well as the ability to swivel, revolve, rotate, and adjust the screen’s position.

A three-year guarantee is included, as well as a fair dead-pixel policy. 

ProArt displays feature an E2 grade, indicating that your images will be accurately recreated on-screen, allowing you to see how your work will look after it’s completed.

The monitor’s definition is QHD (2560 x 1440), meaning it’s not as crisp as a 4K display but is less expensive.

You may also use the ProArt Preset, which is exclusive to ASUS and offers a variety of options for quick color-gamut modifications. 

You can adjust and meet your expectations whether you’re color grading, video editing, or photo editing.

  • The color gamut is excellent.
  • Viewing angles are broad.
  • The display is large as well as the resolution is good.
  • Measurement and alignment are aided by the built-in ruler and
  • screen overlays.

  • The contrast ratio is mediocre.
  • HDR support isn’t available.

24-inch Recommendation

ViewSonic VA2456-MHD:

  • GREAT FOR HOME AND OFFICE: An ideal all-around display for desktop, or laptop
  • SEE THE DIFFERENCE: Razor-sharp clarity and detail with Full HD (1920x1080p) resolution
  • AMAZING AT ANY ANGLE: A 3-sided thin bezel IPS panel ensures stunning views no matter your vantage point
  • FLEXIBLE CONNECTIVITY: The VA2456-MHD supports laptops, PCs, Macs, and POS systems with HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA inputs

The ViewSonic VA2456-MHD is our 24-inch monitor recommendation. The monitor is inexpensive and suitable for a variety of jobs.

The high contrast ratio of the View Sonic VA2456-MHD results in darker blacks, allowing for superb images in games, movies, and online browsing.

Instead of having one or another, it has both HDMI and Display Port ports, as well as a VGA input.

This monitor’s Super Clear IPS screen assures that picture quality remains consistent regardless of whether you’re glancing at this from the front, bottom, back, or corners.

For a really immersive entertainment experience, this monitor has twinned embedded speakers and great image clarity with stereo sound.

Its color accuracy is great but not quite good enough for professional photo or video processing. It comes with a tilting stand that can be adjusted up and down.

The monitor includes a three guarantee and a fair replacement policy for screens with dead or blocked pixels, as per View Sonic.

For a more realistic viewing, this monitor features an edge-to-edge screen as well as a frameless style. Long hours of use can cause visual fatigue, so Flicker-Free technologies and a Blue Light Filter can help.

  • AMD FreeSync is included in the package.
  • Inconsistency


Is it preferable to have 24 or 27 monitors?

27-inch at a regular viewing distance; this would deliver the optimum gaming experience. Although 24′′/1080p is great, 27′′/1440p has a bigger field of view and higher quality, making it a superior gaming experience.

Is the difference between a 24-inch and a 27-inch display significant?

For people with limited desktop space and low-resolution requirements, a 24-inch monitor is an ideal alternative. For high-resolution games and bigger perspectives, a 27-inch monitor is popular. 

Is a 27-inch monitor exceedingly large?

The size of a display and the distance you sit from it are determined by its resolution. 1920×1080 should not be used on bigger displays. 

For a 27-inch screen, 1440p works great. 4K is suitable for screens ranging from 27 to 32 inches in size, depending on your preferences.

Is a 24-inch monitor enough?

The most comfortable size for most monitors is 24 inches. At 27 inches, however, high-resolution screens are routinely employed. Anything greater than 27 inches will be difficult to see up close to a desk. 

Do pros use 24-inch or 27-inch?

Most professional gaming tournaments include rows and rows of 24-inch monitors. This implies that pro gamers are practically driven to train on 24-inch displays when they are preparing for the tournament at their homes since they are well aware they will have to utilize them when the stakes are high.

How far should you sit from a 27-inch monitor?

Taking all of this into consideration, a 27″ 1440p or QHD gaming monitor would be best watched from a distance of 80cm to one meter (three feet). If you sit too near, your FOV (Field of View) will not encompass the entire screen. You’ll have to move your head continually to keep track of the information on your monitor’s screen, which will result in tiredness and less excitement, and overall enjoyment.

Final Words

So this is all from us if you are finding the differences between a 24 VS 27 Inch Monitor. That concludes the comparison between a 24-inch and a 27-inch display. 

Both displays offer advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of. 

Since they frequently feature the latest cutting-edge technology, 27-inch 1440p and 4k monitors are more costly, but they deliver a greater user experience.

While 24-inch 1080p monitors are far less costly, they are not far off in terms of reliability when contrasted to 27-inch monitors, as well as the majority of users seemed to choose them.

Finally, the choice will be made based on your requirements. We hope that this information will assist you in determining the best monitor size for you. Please feel free to comment if you thought this content helpful.

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