Triple Monitor Vs Ultrawide: Which Is Best?

Having a wide angle or big monitor setup at home is a blessing when you are a gamer who spends most of the time in his room playing computer video games on bigger and brighter displays.

Some people prefer to use ultrawide monitors, while there are some extreme gamers who prefer a triple monitor setup for an enhanced experience. For this reason, I decided to go with a triple monitor vs ultrawide monitor as a comparison.

The ultrawide vs triple monitor sim racing experience can be truly felt only when you have made the right choice. So to help you with that, I have made this guide for a complete comparison of both of the setups.

Let us see the main differences between triple monitors and ultrawide gaming monitors.

Triple Monitor Vs Ultrawide

In the market, there are extremely popular techniques for boosting screen size, which include using a triple 32-inch monitor setup or a triple 34 inch monitor setup. By utilizing a suitable ultrawide display, a person can have a complete gaming setup.

When looking for larger screen size, many individuals become confused with an ultrawide monitor and a triple monitor configuration. Triple monitors are usually good for sim racing to have a completely realistic driving experience.

To differentiate the difference in both, we should consider looking at both of the setups individually.

Triple Monitor Setup

A three monitor configuration simply means that three monitors are linked to a laptop or pc to display a digital photograph. The three displays are connected by HDMI, VGA, Display Port, or Thunderbolt 3 connections.

By changing the size and specifications of the monitors, you may easily raise or decrease the budget for the three monitor arrangement. Furthermore, you may use lower-cost display monitors as supplementary displays while keeping your primary monitor in excellent shape.

A reasonable quality 27″ monitor will be available at a good price, while three monitor sets would be expensive for you while giving a larger display. Having a triple monitor configuration is usually a fantastic option if you have a high budget.

The monitors may show a broad range of interesting items. A multi-monitor configuration may be utilized for gaming as well as professional or business-related tasks such as trading, programming, and graphic creation and editing.

One of the most effective strategies to increase efficiency while making desktop use more fun is to utilize a triple monitor configuration. Simply told, it’s a really easy and enjoyable way to utilize your computer.

Normally, a triple monitor sim racing stand is included in the complete setup that a user creates for his triple monitor racing sim environment. This experience can be enhanced with a high-quality gaming chair.

I will give two examples of the best monitor models that can be used for a triple monitor setup.

Acer Nitro XV272U Pbmiiprzx

  • 27″ WQHD (2560 x 1440) widescreen IPS zero frame monitor with AMD Radeon freesync technology
  • Response time: 1ms VRB and refresh rate: 144Hzz.Colour Supported:1.07 Billion
  • 2 speakers, 2 watts per speaker
  • Ports: 1 x Display Port, 2 x HDMI 2.0 and 4 x USB 3.0 Ports (includes HDMI and USB cable)

This 27″ ACER Nitro is the way to go if you’re searching for something a little larger. Three of these will have you surrounded by high-definition images. If anything, you should double-check that all three displays will fit at your workstation.

Prepare for an intense high-definition picture quality once you get it. Acer has upped the resolution to 2560×1440 by making use of the extra screen area. If you’re upgrading from a regular monitor (such as a 1920×1080 or 1366×768), you won’t notice any scaling or shrinking in your photos or applications since 1440p (or QHD) is still a 16:9 ratio.

With nearly twice as many pixels on your display, you’ll notice a significant improvement in visual quality.

This is an IPS panel display, like most LCD screens now on the market. That’s a significant bonus for three-monitor setups since it means you don’t have to be dead center of the screen to get the best color and detail.

In other words, regardless of whatever screen you’re looking at directly, you’ll be able to maintain track of the other two in your peripheral vision.

Gamers will like the 144hz refresh rate, which provides a smooth video experience. Even if you aren’t a gamer, you’ll notice the improved quality of whether watching high-definition movies or watching live sports.

Furthermore, this monitor boasts a full 130 percent sRGB, which means it’s set to apply greater saturation to specific hues and shades, resulting in more brilliant colors and avoiding the faded or washed-out effect that lesser displays can occasionally produce.

  • The frameless design with a Large screen
  • 144hz smooth, sharp display
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Smooth feel
  • Vibrant colors

  •  Low-quality speakers


  • RE-SPAWNED: 3-year zero-bright-dot, 3-year advance replacement, 1-year (one-time) accidental damage
  • 1x DisplayPort,1x HDMI 1.4, and Audio Line-Out for convenience
  • VESA mounting capable for flexible mounting options
  • AOC LowBlue Mode and FlickerFree for wellbeing during extended gaming sessions

With G2490VX, there will be no concerns with picture quality, flickering, or stuttering because it is a fully working Full HD (1920×1080) monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate that can be used for a triple monitor setup.

It also includes AMD Freesync, which means that if you’re a gamer with an AMD GPU, you’ll get a boost in performance, albeit ghosting is likely to be a minor issue.

On the good side, it has a frameless design, which is uncommon for monitors in this price range but is a significant bonus for three monitor setups. The fact that this employs a VA panel instead of the IPS panels, it has reduced cost.

Overall, this is a fantastic value monitor that will provide excellent performance metrics. If you’re a gamer, especially one who tends to play of first-person shooters, you may experience ghosting.

VA panels feature a superior base-level performance than IPS panels, with similar high refresh rates, darker blacks, stronger contrast, and faster GTG rates (the time it takes for a single pixel to reset).

It has an HDMI port and a Display Port, as well as one line-out audio connection, but no speakers. A line-out port may not be able to be tuned or altered appropriately based on the headphone or speaker configuration, necessitating a compromise for audio.

However, if you don’t have the funds to purchase higher-end monitors, this is the cheapest method to acquire a triple 144Hz monitor configuration that won’t make you lose your hair.

  • Sharp display and High refresh rate
  • Well constructed frameless design
  • Very affordable
  • Enhanced color and image quality
  • Generous warranty
  • Ghosting issue sometimes
  • No speakers

Ultrawide Monitor

Ultrawide monitors support well for high-end gaming providing extreme resolution and sharp clarity on display. Because ultrawide display technology is newer on the market, it is more costly than traditional monitors.

A good quality ultrawide monitor is a costly option, but it is still less expensive than triple monitor setups. This depends on the display size and the type of panel the monitor has.

If you’ve ever seen an ultra-wide display, you’ll know how easy they are to distinguish from regular monitors. These widescreens result in a larger horizontal screen area, which is the most visible evidence.

Simply, ultra-wide displays have a 21:9 aspect ratio, as opposed to the more conventional 16:9 display ratio. A high aspect ratio refers to the ratio of classic movie theatre displays, which is suitable for some PC users.

There are some monitor screens that are offered as ultrawide gaming monitors for enhanced and superior gameplay, which is mostly required for sim racing. To explain better, there are some ultrawide monitor options that you must see.

Gigabyte M34WQ

  • 34” 3440×1440 IPS Display Gaming Monitor
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate, 1ms (MPRT) Response Time
  • Immersive Ultrawide Aspect Ratio 21:9
  • Studio Grade VESA Display HDR400 and 91% DCI-P3 (117% sRGB) Color Gamut
  • Control multiple devices with KVM

With a larger and brighter display, the Gigabyte M34WQ is the greatest ultrawide monitor. It’s a flexible alternative with entertainment that can be used for home setups or for office work.

It comes with a lot of extra functions, such as a designed keyboard video and a mouse switch (KVM). If you work remotely and have a work and private pc on the same workstation, it’s a terrific addition since you can show and operate both sources with a single monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Because of its high peak brightness and exceptional reflection control, visibility is not a concern in bright settings. It also features a built-in USB hub, allowing you to leave your mouse and keyboard plugged into the display, and it supports USB-C.

The broad viewing angles make it simple to share your screen with others, and the stand can be adjusted for swivel, tilt, and height, allowing you to effortlessly put the screen in the best viewing position.

The only difference that you may notice in this ultrawide monitor is that it has a poor contrast ratio, which makes blacks appear grey, and it doesn’t get bright in HDR despite having a large color palette.

Because the colors are supersaturated out of the box, it’s not appropriate for work that requires precise color matching.

  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Adjustable monitor screen
  • Supports KVM
  • Ultrawide display
  • Colors are not very good for each type of work.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9

  • Get Your Head in the Game: The Samsung 49 inch Odyssey Neo G9 gaming computer monitor matches
  • NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro Support: Dropping frames means dropping chances to top
  • Next-Level Performance: With its rapid 240hz refresh rate, you have up to 4x as many frames displayed 
  • New Dimension in Design: Odyssey’s Infinity Core lighting is a striking addition to any desktop

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 is a great ultrawide option as a monitor screen for you that can display very vibrant colors to meet your gaming and entertainment needs.

This huge 49-inch monitor is the same size as two 27-inch 1440p displays put side by side. It has a Mini LED backlight, which allows for substantially greater peak brightness and better control of the backlight areas than other screens.

When combined with the 1000R curve, you get a very immersive gaming experience that fills your whole field of view and makes you feel like you’re actually in the game.

It’s also great for productivity and workplace use, as you can work comfortably with many windows open at the same time. It has the finest local dimming capability for saving power and energy.

It boasts extremely minimal input latency, a rapid refresh rate, and a quick reaction time, all of which contribute to a superb gaming experience.

It’s also one of the best HDR screens on the market, thanks to its exceptional wide color gamut, peak brightness in HDR, and high contrast ratio.

The huge format of this screen, however, isn’t ideal because it makes it tough to share your screen with others. The curve, which warps straight lines, is also not optimal for content developers.

Despite these shortcomings, it’s an excellent wide-angle monitor in general for gamers who want a complete setup at home.

  • 1440p display support
  • Ultrawide angle for display
  • High contrast and color accuracy
  • Power saving mode

  • Cost is high

Triple Monitor Vs Ultrawide: Which One to Choose

As we have seen the main difference between triple monitor vs ultrawide monitor, now it’s time to differentiate which one should be your optimal choice. The decision can be based on various factors.

If you consider a gaming setup instead of office use, then a triple ultrawide monitor setup would be an ideal choice for you. It is because a triple TV setup will allow you to have better viewing angles along with the depth of view.

You can consider a triple monitor setup with one curved and two flat screens for gaming that will make your sim racing experience very likable and engaging, making you feel like you are actually driving a car.

Considering the 27″ ACER Nitro for your triple ultra-wide monitor setup at home, it would be the best choice that you will ever make.

If you are not into extreme gaming like sim racing and you don’t have enough budget to spend a lot on gaming monitors, then you can consider buying only iracing single monitor setup instead of choosing triple monitors.

Considering the Gigabyte M34WQ as the best ultrawide monitor would be an ideal choice because it has a designed keyboard video and a mouse switch that can all be connected through a built-in USB hub.

Such a monitor with broad viewing angles is essential and helpful for various reasons. This monitor has an adjustable stand and tilt feature allowing a user to adjust the screen according to his desired position for comfort.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Triple Monitor Setup Or Ultrawide Monitor

There are a few factors to keep in your head when deciding to settle on an ultrawide monitor or a triple monitor setup. So you must consider these factors.


It pays to do your homework before purchasing any goods for your sim racing setup, and you must consider what is best for your specific circumstance. The price is usually the first consideration for most individuals.

This is an important consideration when deciding between a solitary ultrawide monitor and a triple screen system, so think about your finances before you make a purchase.


When it comes to compatibility, ultra-wide displays are better than triple monitor systems. As your search progresses, though, you’ll need to pay much more attention to connectivity.

You’ll still need a strong CPU and graphics card to run favorite racing games properly on one widescreen, but most programs support it naturally because it doesn’t put too much demand on your system.

Compatibility issues with triple screens might be a concern. Despite the fact that operating three independent displays at high enough resolutions might put a burden on your graphics card, certain games do not support triple screen configurations.

Some games do this in part by extending a picture across triple ultra-wide monitors, while others employ three separate camera perspectives for each of the displays.


You must also consider the amount of space available for your display. You won’t have to worry about this if you have a huge, permanent setup with lots of room for many displays.

If your setup is merely temporary and you need to be able to pack it up quickly, however, space may be a more crucial factor in your selection.

Hardware and Software

You don’t want to overwork your machine since it will definitely degrade your sim racing experience. You must consider your software and hardware for a better sim racing triple monitor setup.

Because not all graphics cards are made equal, you’ll need to conduct some study to discover if your best triple monitors for a sim racing setup will handle well with the GPU that you are using.


You must also consider more particular aspects, such as the field of vision you will be able to enjoy, as well as what is known as bezel impacts.

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Which Setup Is More Space Efficient?

It’s important to analyze which setup is more space-efficient. When considering space efficiency in the context of a computing workspace, an ultrawide monitor setup generally takes the lead over a triple monitor.

Ultrawide Monitor Space Efficiency

Ultrawide monitors are renowned for their space-saving characteristics. These monitors come in various sizes, but the most common size, is around 34 inches wide, which provides an expansive while requiring significantly less horizontal desk space.

The absence of bezels between screens is a key factor contributing to their space efficiency. With a single, continuous screen you won’t need to allocate space for the bezels or the gaps between multiple monitors.

Furthermore, ultrawide monitors also eliminate the need for multiple monitor stands, which can be bulky and consume valuable desk place. This streamlined design gives your workspace a clean look.

Triple Monitor Space Efficiency

The triple monitor setup provides a generous workspace. It’s less space efficient due to the need for multiple screens, substantial footprints, increased cabling, and potential ergonomic challenges. Each monitor requires allocated space, leading to clutter if using individual stands.

Managing cables for three screens can be daunting, and the broader monitor array may affect peripheral placement. These factors should be considered alongside the benefits when deciding on a triple monitor setup, ensuring it aligns with available space.

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Is triple monitor gaming worth it?

Triple monitor sim racing or gaming is one of the most fun activities up to date that most PC gamers love to enjoy. Usually, a triple 24-inch monitors setup is used for such a purpose.

Which is the best triple monitor for sim racing?

The G2490VX is the best monitor for a triple monitor setup that supports Full HD 1920×1080 resolution while also having a 144Hz refresh rate. 

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This was a discussion on triple monitor vs ultrawide gaming monitor. I have shared a complete comparison to show the main differences between the triple monitor and ultrawide monitor.

I hope this guide is helpful for you, and you are able to choose a monitor setup for your home-based gaming system through this info. If you feel like you need more info, feel free to leave a comment below.

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